A shopping list full of features
Quickly create your list from your weekly meal plan, or add individual recipes and items.
Automatically sorts your food items into categories (aisles). With premium, add extra categories and re-order them.
Sort your list by recipe or category (aisle). Tap an item to see what recipe it’s for. Change your mind in the store? Remove a recipe, and all its ingredients, with a tap.
Scale recipes in your list. With premium, scale and edit ingredients before adding them.
Multiple lists and merging (premium)
You can create multiple lists with premium. How about a separate list for each store, or perhaps a list for camping and one for items to buy when they're on sale?
With premium, choose if you want your items to be merged. Includes smart merge for non-exact matches: 1 chopped onion + 2 onions = 3 onions. You'll still be able to tap and see the individual items.
Master list / Pantry list (premium)
Create a more permanent list of all your staples, or make a list for a special event, such as camping or Thanksgiving.
Click to copy items to your regular list as you need them. The items remain on the master list, ready to be added again.
Great for families: Add your items and organize them into lists. You and your family just need to tap to add the item to the right list.
Email, print, and more
Email your list or (with premium) share to other apps.
Has option to prevent your phone from going to sleep while shopping.
Check items off in the grocery store as you add then to your cart. Move checked items to the bottom or keep them in the list.
Print your list directly from the app (premium) or from the website. Several print views are available.
Extra edit functions are available with premium.
Access from any device
Log into your account from any browser or use the app (Android and Apple iOS).
Copy Me That syncs across all your devices.
(Internet connection required.)
Copy Me That is free!
Fully functional free version. No recipe limits!
Upgrade to premium for extra features. A single premium membership can be used on any number of devices. Share with your family just by logging into the same account.