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Still not sure if you're even taking advantage of all the free features? Fear not! We've got you covered with a short(ish) description of most of our features, free and Premium.
Premium features:
Recipe scaling
  • Easily multiply or divide your recipes.
  • More print options
  • Print your recipes, shopping list, and meal plan directly from the app. Choose from among several looks when printing your recipes (font, text size, border, what information to include).
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • You'll no longer be limited to one shopping list. You could create a list for each store, or one for camping, one for monthly buys, etc.
  • Personal shopping list categories
  • Create your own shopping list categories. Sort categories to match your supermarket's layout.
  • Master (pantry) shopping list
  • Create a list of all your staples, then copy items to your regular list as you need them. Items remain on your master list, ready for next time. Master lists can also be used for special events. You could, for example, create a master list of extra Thanksgiving purchases.
  • Edit shopping list items
  • You'll have more control over how items get added to your shopping list. Select and edit items right when you add a recipe to your shopping list. Choose which shopping list to add the items to. Edit items after adding them to your list.
  • Smart merge of items
  • You can opt to have the shopping list automatically add together the same items (1egg + 1egg = 2 eggs).
  • Extra shopping list options
  • You'll have more choice over how items in your shopping list appear on your phone (height and checkbox area).
  • My Recipes list view
  • Choose between the standard grid view, smaller grid view, and the premium-only list view when viewing your recipes. The list view shows more recipes per page and displays more information about each recipe. Add or remove multiple recipes from multiple collections in one fell swoop. Easily delete or update one or more recipes right from the list view.
  • Extra meal plan options
  • Choose between weekly and monthly views.
  • Quick overview of your meal plan right from My Recipes and from the recipes themselves.
  • Meal plan sets
  • Create meal plan sets to easily reuse your menus. For example, create a Work Week menu or a Thanksgiving menu. Copy the saved menu to a new set of dates, then make any changes.
  • Meal plan suggestions
  • When you add a recipe to your meal plan, Copy Me That will suggest recipes that you previously paired with that recipe.
  • Meal plan sync
  • View your meal plan right in your regular (Apple) calendar.
  • Extra search options
  • - Skip the typing: Choose one of your previous searches from a dropdown list.
  • - Want to see just those recipes you haven't made in the past month (or week or...)? Use the premium not in meal plan date filter.
  • - Search for recipes that are not in a particular collection.
  • - Filter recipes based on their privacy settings.
  • Recipe archiving
  • Simplify your recipe box by archiving (hiding) recipes that you don't need right now. Maybe you're trying out a new diet and want to hide those tempting recipes! Maybe your recipe box is just getting too big, but you don't want to delete your recipes. You can always opt to view and un-archive any archived recipes.
  • Side-by-side recipe view
  • The premium-only horizontal recipe view shows ingredients and steps next to each other. This view is perfect for tablets in landscape mode. (You can still use the regular view, of course.)
  • Email your meal plan
  • Email your weekly meal plan, including all the recipe links. (Emailing recipes and shopping lists is already included with the free version.)
  • Future updates
  • Your membership supports future development. We love getting feedback and suggestions. It helps us get better!

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