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Access extra features and support future development
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Recipe scaling
Easily multiply or divide your recipes.
(Future update: Convert between Metric and Imperial units.)
Multiple shopping lists
Organize your shopping with multiple shopping lists. Perhaps create one for each store... one for camping... one for monthly buys...
Personalized list categories
Create your own shopping list categories. Sort categories to match your supermarket's layout.
Master Shopping List
Create a list of all your staples and copy items to your regular list as you need them. Other uses might be Camping, Thanksgiving, etc.
Edit items.
Smart merge of items.
Edit items after you've added them to your shopping list. Smart merge intelligently adds same items together. Edit / uncheck recipe ingredients before adding them to your list.
Meal plan options
Choose between weekly and monthly views. Save meal plan sets to easily copy meals from week to week.
Print options
Choose from among several looks for your recipes. Choose font, text size, and border, as well as what information to include.
Choice of recipe view
Choose from either horizontal or vertical recipe views. The horizontal view is perfect for tablets!
Email your meal plan
Email your weekly meal plan, including all the recipe links.
Print from the app
Print your recipes, shopping list, and meal plan directly from the app.
Future updates
Keep getting all the new updates. (Time machine not included.)
We love improving Copy Me That and have lots of plans.
Your membership supports future development.
More print options (future)
More styles. Print multiple recipes at once. Print your daily or weekly meal plan recipes.
Recipe views (future)
List view to quickly see and organize your recipes and tags. View tags in folder view. More recipes per page.
Add photo recipes (future)
Scan or photograph your paper recipes and add them to Copy Me That. View as high-resolution, legible images with ability to tag, and more.
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