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YES, we can import all your Ziplist recipes! Including instructions.
Just sign up and email us the file that you received from Ziplist. We'll do the rest.
Never lose a recipe again
Copy any recipe from any website with a single click.
Ads and extra text are automatically removed.
Recipe organizer
Recipe organizer
Recipe organizer
Edit your copied recipes
or add your own
Your improvements are too
important to be forgotten
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Plan your meals
with the meal planner
Visual layout easily
links to the shopping list
Meal planner
Easily find your recipes
with tags or search
...or simply use the visual layout
to see what inspires you
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Create shopping lists
straight from any recipe
Then check items off when
you're in the supermarket
Shopping list
Share your recipes and
get inspired by others
You decide how much to share
Recipe  sharing
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Works across all devices
Works across all devices