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VFC (Vegan Fried Chickn) W/ Candied Red Jalapeños)
  • VFC (Vegan Fried Chicken) w/ Candied Red Jalapeños
  • So you've made a nice big batch of 10K chkn and it's been resting for at least 24 hours in the fridge. Your hard work and patience is about to be rewarded! It's time to make VFC! For this you'll need
  • Shopping list
  • 6 x 10K Chkn Breast Portions
  • 175g Plain / All-purpose flour
  • 30g Old Bay seasoning or Dunn's River Chicken Seasoning or KFC style spice mix (see below *)
  • 250g Plant-milk (I use Soy)
  • 4T Pickling juice from a jar of Dill Pickles
  • 1Ltr Sunflower or Vegetable oil
  • Some Maldon Sea Salt
  • Some Dried Parsley
  • Lots of Candied Red Jalapeños
  • Cold Beer
  • Discount!
  • The lovely people at Haynes have offered a 10% discount on their Candied Jalapeños to anybody making this recipe (first-time orders only) - use code PIZZAISLOVELY10 at checkout -
  • note: KFC Spices - there are loads of recipes online for the spice mix used by KFC. You can find a good one on Wikipedia here: KFC mix
  • subheading: Equipment list:
  • Digital cooking thermometer
  • Two lareg bowls for the liquid and dredge mixes
  • Wide bottomed and deep pan for frying
  • Metal BBQ tongs or metal slotted spoon
  • Large baking tray with a metal cooling rack that fits inside
  • Large Plate or Tray
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