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Added by @Juliatausch Instagram Post This Soup! This Soup Is @Hannah.Che X @Kendrakendrakendra X Well, Me I Guess, and It Turned Out So Good! I Have No Idea How to Photograph Soup So It Looks As Good
  • @juliatausch
  • This soup! This soup is @hannah.che x @kendrakendrakendra x well, me I guess, and it turned out so good! I have no idea how to photograph soup so it looks as good as it tastes, but you gotta take my word for it, this was so, so tasty. I’d been obsessing over the dill and fried tofu filling for baozi (steamed stuffed buns) in Hannah Che’s Vegan Chinese Kitchen, a recipe she learned from her grandma. I was so intrigued to try dill with Chinese flavours, I had never even realized it was popular in certain regions of China until I read the book. And I’d also been obsessing about Kendra Vaculin’s Broken Dumpling Soup with Pork and Cabbage recipe in Bon App. Obviously I’m not going to eat a pig, so I started thinking about alternatives, and suddenly a mash-up emerged in my mind. I did it, and I will do it again! Kendra’s trick of using sliced dumpling wrappers in lieu of noodles is a really good one, and the mix of tofu and dill, along with sesame oil, soy sauce, and a black vinegar-based drizzle was indeed “buttery, savory, and herbaceous” as promised. A riff gone right if I do say so myself. I LOVE DILL. Oh, I also added collard greens for lack of cabbage and they fit in fine I think.
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