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My favorite way to make ghee, also called clarified butter. You do not need to strain this ghee. That tablespoon of water at the end makes the magic. The water evaporates instantly as it touches the hot ghee and eliminates the milk solids on top. Like magic!

This page showmethecurry.com/videos/ghee-clarified-butter-how-to-vi... further discusses Ghee and includes lots of recipes that include ghee.

Ghee is particularly useful for sauteing and frying because it has a higher smoke point than butter does and thus does not burn as easily.

Ghee is butter that has been boiled down to remove the milk solids, leaving behind only the fat. It is very stable and lasts a long time. If you’ve made it successfully, it should last indefinitely in the fridge and for several months (at least) at room temperature. The aroma and flavor are similar to butter, but even more heavenly!
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