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Me, Tine Bak
What inspired me to create Copy Me That?
Let's see. I had my black binder of recipes. Then I had a lot of saved bookmarks, all in various browsers, of course. I had recipes in Gmail, recipes in Yahoo mail, and recipes I had copy-pasted into Google docs. A recipe in my Facebook timeline, and some in Dropbox.
Sound familiar?
The recipe that finally blew my top was a lava cake recipe that I had made once with surprising success. I knew I had saved it, but where? I ended up searching through several recipe sites in order to locate it again.
And, of course, having found it, I couldn't remember what my changes were (was it bake a minute more or bake a minute less?).
And so I thought, "If only I had a button that automatically copied the recipe into one searchable recipe box. And then if I could edit it. And..."
And so I quit my job as an IT Consultant / Programmer to create Copy Me That.
Most time went into creating the code algorithm that detects the recipe on any webpage. It analyzes words, grammar, styles, and location.

The black recipe binder

The black binder
My pre- Copy Me That recipe book started out with each recipe on its own page, inside a plastic sleeve, titles neatly written in different color marker, and little comments like "The white wine permeates the rice" (Risotto) or "A wow cake!" (Tres Leches).
Luckily, the front pocket turned out to be surprisingly expandable.

My niece Lilli
That's me! I'm helping.
So, do I cook and bake a lot?
Does it count if I add lots of chocolate powder to milk, make it really thick, and then eat it with a spoon?
(Don't knock it till you've tried it!)
I do, of course, really like to cook and bake, but my results are rather hit and miss.
There was the Ramen Mush. Recipe: add ramen noodles, spinach, and eggs to boiling water. Finish playing game with guests as ramen boils. Serve mush.
And the Brownie Mush. Recipe: forget to add half the butter. Remember and then try to stir it into half-baked brownie. Get impatient. Serve mush.
Eat with a spoon :)
I'm actually more of a geek than a cook.

P.S. The closest English pronunciation of my name is "Tina" with two syllables.