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Un approved canning recipe. I wouldn't water bath this.
  • subheading: Vegetables:
  • The main ingredients are gogosari and eggplants, which fill the markets there in autumn. Mountains and mountains of gorgeous eggplants, gogosari, and other vegetables.
  • My grandmother used to buy like 10 to 20 kilograms of each of them and then spend a few days grilling them on the stove (we lived in an apartment in the city, so there was no possibility to make that in the garden as other people do), peeling them, cooking them and then preserving the jars.
  • Gogosari are some kind of Romanian red peppers, sweeter and thicker than the usual red peppers.
  • As I cannot even find a translation of the word and as I never ever seen gogosari outside Romania, I can assure you now that zacusca can be made with normal red bell peppers.
  • subheading: Welcome to Where Is My Spoon! It's all about home cooking:
  • subheading: Play Video:
  • subheading: Tomato puree:
  • You will also need tomato puree
  • , simply pureed tomatoes with no added salt, sugar or anything. Also not tomato paste or tomato sauce.
  • subheading: Oil:
  • Neutral tasting oil, either canola or a mild tasting sunflower oil.
  • Sunflower oil is traditional, but make sure it is a mild sort.
  • Don’t use olive oil.
  • subheading: Spices:
  • Salt and black peppercorns, bay leaves, and some honey. (Amazon affiliate links)
  • The amount of honey you use is according to taste. It will depend on how acidic the tomato puree is, some cans are more acidic than others, so taste and decide accordingly.
  • You normally have to grill the vegetables but if you don’t have the possibility or don’t feel like doing it, then just place the stuff in the oven and let cook until the skin blackens and the vegetables are soft.
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