• - 8 small bell peppers, cut off top, cut one small hole in bottom, to drain fat from meat or 4 large ones
  • - one pound ground beef
  • - half cup raw white rice
  • - one medium onion, finely chopped
  • - one egg
  • - one tablespoon cumin
  • Any cheese you have in the fridge to go on top plus dill weed, one small can of tomato sauce, all optional.
  1. Put in bottom, half a small can of beef broth, or one cup of water. Sauté button to heat while mixing the filling. Yes, use a big bowl to mix the filling, you don't want rice all over the kitchen floor, add spoonful of salt if you prefer. Fill up all 8 peppers, then slowly pour little tomato sauce in each, spoon in dill and cheese. Close lid, eyeball to make sure pepper not touching vent.
  2. Turn off sauté button if liquid is bubbling while you're busy with the peppers. The hard part is over. Here comes the easy part. Press manual, high pressure , +/- to 17 minutes. You're done, now go play with your iPad, shuffle snow, walk the dog, fold your laundry, et cetera. NPR natural pressure release = keep warm, 10 minutes. Voila, enjoy
  • Can use ground turkey or chicken instead of beef and red, orange, yellow peppers instead of green.