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  • Garlic: If you’ve already made dehydrated garlic, great! If not, seek out the freshest garlic you can find. Whether that means you grow your own, OR you pick up some locally grown garlic at the Farmer’s market. The fresher, the better the flavor once made into garlic powder.
  • If you have already made dehydrated garlic, you’re good to go - otherwise you’ll need to take the additional step of drying the garlic before making garlic powder. No worries though, it’s a pretty hands off process.
  • note: Note: If you want to make your own garlic powder, but don’t want to dehydrate fresh garlic first, you could opt to buy dried minced garlic at the store and grind it yourself. That being said, it would be just as easy to pick up garlic powder, so I’m not sure why you would do that - but it’s an option!
  • subheading: EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS:
  • Garlic peeler (optional): If you haven’t already dehydrated garlic, you’ll need to prep and peel some garlic for drying. While you can definitely do it by hand, I highly recommend these silicone garlic peelers - they work SO well!
  • Dehydrator OR oven: I recommend using a dehydrator (like this Excalibur model) for drying garlic, but you can use a low setting on your oven if you haven’t made the investment yet.
  • Spice grinder or coffee mill: In order to grind the dried garlic into a powder I recommend using a spice grinder or coffee grinder that is set aside specifically for that purpose. I have one that I use to make homemade powders - because no one wants a garlic-flavored cup of coffee.
  • Parchment paper OR dehydrator liners: Since garlic is small in size you’ll need to line your dehydrator trays if they have large holes like the one I used. If you have fine mesh screens - no worries.
  • Glass jar: A glass jar with a lid is needed for conditioning the garlic. Conditioning ensures that the garlic is fully dried and redistributes moisture if necessary. It can also be used for storing your garlic powder.
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