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Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies
  • If, however, you can’t get that mix to stay in a mold no matter what you try, don’t toss it. Test a little bit in some water and if it fizzes and is aromatic, put it in a beautiful jar and call it fizzing bath powder.
  • Bath Bombs Go Flat and Soften
  • If your bath bombs flatten out, it’s likely too much water (or other liquid) was used in the mix. You can dry the powder on the counter and try again (if there is a very small amount of oil and other wet ingredients).
  • Scent Combinations for Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies
  • My favorite combos for essential oils scents are
  • peppermint, all on its own,
  • lemon vanilla,
  • lavender lemon,
  • tangerine vanilla (yep, kind of obsessed with this now), and
  • eucalyptus lavender.
  • **Just a quick note on the use of essential oils on children: While some sources (and manufacturers) of essential oils state their use is safe for children under 12, please note that other sources do not, namely Essential Oil Safety, a definitive resource for healthcare professionals. An excerpt from this book (and the use of essential oils on children) can be found here, and specifically cites eucalyptus and peppermint (among others) are not to be used on young children.
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