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Natural color
  • Green: spinach juice, parsley juice, liquid chlorophyll, green tea powder or matcha powder 
  • Orange: pumpkin or carrot juice, paprika powder 
  • Pink: raspberries, beetroot, pomegranate or cranberry juice 
  • Blue: blueberries 
  • Purple: red cabbage, grapes, purple carrot, purple sweet potato 
  • Yellow: yellow carrots, orange juice, turmeric powder, saffron flowers 
  • Brown: espresso, cocoa powder or cinnamon 
  • Black: Black cocoa powder or activated charcoal powder 
  • Using natural food colours will produce more of a pastel colour than the commercially produced dyes so you may need to experiment if you seeking a very specific end result. However, the taste will be better, you won't experience allergic reactions or side effects and your body will thank you! 
  • Have You Used Natural Food Coloring And Whats Your Favourite? 
  • Keep Reading: #healthy-swaps #health-hazards #healthy-kids 
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