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You Should Be Browning Tomato Paste. Here's Why
  • Some people don't know how to properly use tomato paste. You'll see inexperienced cooks simply throw tomato paste straight out of the can and into a dish without browning it first, and that just will not cut it. Tomato paste is excellent for intensifying dark, savory flavors when cooked, but it should not be added in its raw form.
  • As Brit+Co notes, tomato paste straight out of the can or tube is tart. It can have almost a metallic taste to it, which does not taste good with any food. You might think that the boiling broth you plopped it into will effectively remove that flavor, but you won't get the intended richness your dish needs to be absolutely delicious. Before you mix it in with the rest of your food, Milk Street suggests browning the paste in oil in a pan until the bright, red concentrate turns dark (but not burnt) to achieve your intended flavor. By caramelizing the tomato, you will deepen the flavor and get rid of the raw, bitter taste.
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