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Instant Pot Moist Sliceable Chicken Breast by Rich Lum

Moist, Sliceable chicken breast using a 6 QUART Instant Pot
1 minute per ounce
This recipe is for a 9 oz breast..Manual 9 minutes with a 10 minute NPR
4 to 6 ounce breasts..1 minute per ounce with a 5 minute NPR
7 to 11 ounces breasts.. 1 minute per ounce with a 10 minute NPR
  • Fresh or frozen 9 ounce chicken breast
  • 1 cup of water
  1. Add 1 cup of water to your pot
  2. Put your trivet in with the breast on top. You'll need to know the weight of your breast
  3. Close and seal your pot
  4. Set your pot to manual 9 minutes
  5. Allow for a 10 minute NPR
  • I'm cooking chicken breast for 1 minute per ounce and always a 10 minute NPR . This works for breasts up to 11 ounces
  • If I'm cooking up to six breasts I will weigh each one and take the average weight to set the cook time. I also separate them as much as possible. I use the set up pictured above and put half on top and half on the bottom. It's a lotus steamer with a tall trivet on top

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