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  • imitation crab legs - about a pound. Certainly, you could use regular crab if you wanted, but if you like to save a bit of money, I find the imitation stuff is just as good in this recipe.
  • melted butter - you’ll use this to coat your crab bites alongside …
  • cajun/creole seasoning - this seasoning! Use it to taste. For the record, cajun seasoning can be found at your grocery store, probably in the spices aisle. It’s usually a (delicious) combination of paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, oregano, thyme, and cayenne, or something VERY similar. Or try my homemade Cajun-Creole seasoning blend.
  • garlic butter dipping sauce - optional, but also in a sense … not optional, because it’s just so dang good with these crab bites!
  • subheading: EQUIPMENT:
  • bowl - for coating your bites in butter and seasonings.
  • air fryer - you can’t make something in an air fryer WITHOUT an air fryer, of course! As always, make sure you know your appliance well, as frying times may vary slightly from the recipe depending on the model.
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