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Yogurt in a LUX Instant Pot
  • ½ gallon milk
  • 1 Tbsp yogurt starter
  1. 1) dumped roughly ½ gallon of milk in the inner pot.
  2. 2) left milk in the pot without doing anything to let it come to room temp a bit
  3. 3) used the sauté function adjusted down to low
  4. 4) watched and occasionally whisked
  5. 5) waited for temp to reach 182 as per TOG's recipe (I used a remote BBQ thermometer)
  6. 6) set inner pot on counter, waited for the milk to come down to 110.
  7. 7) turned the IP off - put the lid back on to hold in heat.
  8. 8) after the milk came to 110, I tempered a bit of the milk with about a TBSP of starter yogurt.
  9. 9) then mixed that back in to the pot, whisked it around.
  10. 10) then I actually poured the milk/starter into another dish because I don't have a second pot and didn't want it to be out of commission, if you don't mind having your inner pot out of commission for a day or so, just put the pot back in.
  11. 11) this step is also only if you use the pot in pot method - I put about an inch or so of water in the bottom of the pot, then used a foil sling to lower my other dish into the inner pot
  12. 12) then I closed the lid and vent, wrapped the whole this with a with a towel and let it sit over night, and...
  13. VOILA!!!!

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