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This 100% Khorasan Bread Is Made By Peter Reinhart In Australia Using Ancient Grain Flour By Bio-Oz Sustainable Farming (Similar To Organic - No Chemicals Used - No Toxic Residue). Many People Love The Taste Of Khorasan!
  • Ingredients – Soaker:
  • 227g Bio-Oz Whole Khorasan flour
  • Salt (4 g = ± ¼t)
  • 198g Milk
  • Ingredients – Biga:
  • 227g Bio-Oz Whole Khorasan flour
  • Instant yeast (1g = ± ¼t)
  • 170g Filtered water
  • Ingredients – Final Dough (x 1 Loaf):
  • 429g Soaker
  • 398g Biga
  • 56.5g Bio-Oz Whole Khorasan flour
  • 5g Salt
  • 7g Instant yeast
  • 7.5g Salt
  • 42.5g Honey
  • 14g Plain or light olive oil
  • Assuming all the flour is used, and Milk is 87% water, then the hydration is around 67% as shown in the following calculation
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