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A Natural Soap for Eczema
  • Neem oil soap lather
  • Neem oil Soap Recipe
  • This neem oil soap recipe makes about six bars. Although neem is the most important oil in the recipe, the others are also there to help protect and nourish the skin. The soap you make with this recipe will create a creamy lather that feels slick and smooth. When rinsed off, your skin will feel moisturized — this soap will not strip your skin as other bars might do.
  • Lye water:
  • 65g (2.3oz) Sodium hydroxide (also called lye or NaOH)
  • 127g (4.9oz) Water (preferably distilled)
  • Solid oils:
  • 143g (5oz) Coconut oil (refined)
  • 24g (0.85oz) Shea butter
  • Liquid oils:
  • 214g (7.56oz) Olive oil (pomace)
  • 24g (0.85oz) Castor oil
  • Oils to add after Trace:
  • 24g (0.85oz) Neem oil
  • 24g (0.85oz) Avocado oil
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