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  • Bone-in chicken breasts or drumsticks (or boneless, skinless breasts)
  • white long-grain rice
  • ginger
  • chicken broth (optional)
  • salt (or just soy sauce)
  1. remove as much skin and fat as possible from chicken and put into big (non-stick preferably) pot
  2. Add 1.5 cups of white long-grain rice
  3. Add a mix of low-sodium chicken broth and water. The liquid should go well above the level of the chicken and very much above the level of rice.
  4. And salt, depending on how much broth was added. (Err on the side of less salt because you can add more later.)
  5. Add 5-6 pieces of ginger. Thin-sliced pieces of ginger, no need to remove peel
  6. Turn on the heat as high as possible. (Make sure there's no rice floating on top of the liquid. If there is, tap it with your finger and it'll float down.)
  7. Let it boil.
  8. Then reduce the heat to low (not lowest). It should still be boiling but at a lower boil.
  9. Let sit for 15-20 minutes and see if water level is higher than you'd expect it to be or too low.
  10. If low, cover it and continue to heat, stirring to make sure nothing is stuck at the bottom and checking often that it's cooking properly.
  11. If the water level is higher than you want it to be, do the same but without the cover.
  12. The rice should appear completely cooked, floating in the liquid. Then it should start to break down to the texture you expect of jook. At this point, it's important to stir it often (like once a minute) to make sure nothing gets stuck to the bottom and burns. Because there's less water in it.
  13. Keep stirring. Make sure consistency gets to what you want it to be.
  14. If too dry. Add water. Stir and stir and let cook for at least 10 minutes after adding water.
  15. If too wet. Keep the heat on (can turn up a bit but means more stirring)
  16. Reach in with something to remove all chicken pieces to a plate. After chicken cools, shred chicken with your hands and remove all bones. Add back to pot.