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What do you use Everything Bagel Seasoning on?
  • Avocado Toast with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning
  • note: Toast, Biscuits, Sandwiches, and Anything Bread
  • It seems kind of obvious, so let me get this one out of the way: Everything But the Bagel tastes great on bread. Sprinkle it on toast (dry or spread with mustard or your favorite bread spread), press it into the tops of bread or biscuits before you bake them, and turn regular bagels into everything bagels with just a sprinkle.
  • Sprinkle it on sandwiches. While I was still able to get good tomatoes, I loved making a tomato sandwich sprinkled with bagel seasoning, and my husband loves Tofurky slices sprinkled with the stuff.
  • And of course, Everything but the Bagel makes the best avocado toast. Just sprinkle it on sliced or mashed avocado for the perfect breakfast.
  • note: Use Everything but the Bagel Seasoning on Potatoes and Grains
  • Everything Bagel seasoning perks up any potato dish. I love it sprinkled on a hot baked potato, but it also adds flavor to air fried potatoes, oven fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns, and scalloped potatoes. I sprinkle it on oven fries and air fries after they are cooked, tossing them in a teaspoon or so of aquafaba or vegetable broth to help the seasoning stick.
  • We love sprinkling this seasoning on grits. It’ll also perk up a simple serving of rice or other grains.
  • note: Use Everything Bagel on Vegetables
  • I can’t think of one vegetable I wouldn’t sprinkle with my homemade Everything Bagel seasoning! It goes particularly well with the mild flavor of roasted cauliflower and asparagus, but I can imagine it on broccoli and even salads. Cauliflower and Other Vegetables with Homemade Everything Bagel Seasoning
  • note: Make Tofu Taste Like a Bagel
  • Homemade Everything Bagel Seasoning lends a great onion and garlic flavor to tofu prepared any way. Marinate tofu in soy sauce and your choice of seasonings; then air-fry it, waffle it, or bake it. Once it’s cooked, sprinkle it liberally with Everything seasoning. I like how it adds a little crunch as well as flavor!
  • I’ve also sprinkled Everything on scrambled tofu for an added dash of flavor.
  • note: Make Everything but the Bagel Hummus
  • We love adding bagel seasoning to hummus! I simply make a batch of my Hummus in the blender and sprinkle it with homemade Everything Bagel seasoning. If you really want to add a lot of flavor,  you can also blend a couple of teaspoons of the seasoning into the hummus itself.
  • note: Use Bagel Seasoning on Casseroles
  • Everything but the Bagel adds a bit of crunch and flavor to casserole toppings. Simply mix it with Panko or bread crumbs to make a lightened up topping for any casserole you like.
  • My bright idea for Thanksgiving this year is to make my Green Bean Casserole and instead of the decadent fried-onion topping to combine panko, Everything Bagel, and a little extra of the dried minced onions. It will be so much lighter than the original, and I think the sesame seeds will give it a rich, nutty taste.

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