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How to Chop Meat in Vitamix . By Elizabeth Arnold (eHow Contributor)
Vitamix offers a line of high-performance blenders that can be used for processing both liquids and solid foods. You can use the machine to chop raw or cooked meat, such as beef, ham and chicken. Add the raw chopped meat to your favorite stew and soup recipes, and transform cooked meat into ham and chicken salads. The blender will allow you to use your meat leftovers in new ways rather than throwing them away.
  1. Cut very cold, raw or cooked meat, into 1-inch cubes
  2. Turn the appliance's speed control to "Variable 1." Start the blender and slowly turn the speed control to "Variable 6." (this is for model 5200 ? - adapt for  your model)
  3. Add the meat to the blender one cube at a time. Blend each meat cube for 10 to 15 seconds, or until the mixture reaches the preferred chunky or smooth consistency.
  4. subheading: for model 47954 of the vitamix 3600:
  5. Set speed control on high (7 to 8), using forward-reverse blade reversal BUT have a 2 second duration for EACH direction change. So lift switch to up for forward (clockwise)for 2 seconds, then immediately push lever down for reverse (counter-clockwise) direction for 2 seconds. Do NOT pause by placing switch/lever at  the off center position during this cycling. Do this in 3 cycle runs of up+down+up, checking till results desired are achieved.

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