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My Cashew/Oatmeal Cream
SAVE MONEY!!! Can use anywhere cashew cream is called for!!!

Servings: makes 1 pint

Servings: makes 1 pint
  • ½ cup soaked raw cashews or cashew flour
  • ½ cup rolled or quick oats
  • 1 cup filtered ice cold water
  • pinch salt
  1. Put everything into a high-speed blender.
  2. Process until smooth and creamy.
  • *For an even smoother cream: Pour mixture into a fine strainer. Stir through gently to remove any oat grit and discard. If the cream is too thin, heat over low heat until thicken ( happens very quickly). Stir constantly until the consistency you want and remove immediately from heat.
  • *The recipe can be halved if your blender can process just a cup of food or doubled, tripled, etc.
  • *Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

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