• Bullet Proof Coffee within 30 minutes of waking (coffee with 1 Tbsp MCT oil, 1 Tbsp Kerrygold unsalted butter)
  • Eat 3-5 meals of at least 2 eggs each, starting no later than 10am
  • Have 1 Tbsp of butter or sugar free mayo per egg consumed
  • 6 ounces of full fat cheese (cream cheese, cheddar, brie, etc.) allowed per day (eaten with eggs or separately as a snack)
  • No eggs after 7pm (1 string cheese allowed after 7pm if starving, counts as part of the 6oz daily limit)
  • Don’t go more than 4 hours between meals or snacks between 10am and 7pm.
  • Drink 100 oz of water per day (minimum)
  • Supplement with magnesium and potassium (lite salt) daily.
  • Small amounts of fresh herbs, hot sauce, no carb sweeteners, and spices will be allowed – as long as they are less than 1g net carbs per serving, not to exceed 5g net carbs per day.

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