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Vegan Foie Gras Saving Ducks with My Vegan Pate
  • 17,642 viewsNov 21, 2023#saucestache
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  • Making REAL Foie Gras that even a VEGAN Could EAT. This is Vegan Foie gras, or FAUX Gras if you want to call it that haha
  • Its made with a cashew base but the combination of common foie gras ingredients with the help from a few emulsifiers you end up with an incredibly realistic foie gras recipe that has some of the internets top chefs salivating over. There have been a LOT of vegan foie gras recipes over the years but this one takes it over the top with a few tweaks. The original chef steps video didnt include any elements that would add an irony taste which I felt was important, and I also wanted to addd a little more savory element to it as well. Beyond that I recreated the Chef steps version fairly close, I like that below along with their taste test video and you can see the reaction of these chefs when they find out its vegan foie gras… its a fun watch for sure! Chef Steps recipe video    • It's not expensive foie gras: Our rec...
  • Chef Steps taste test video    • See what famous food influencers thin...
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