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Ultimate Homemade Lasagna
  • The ingredients needed for this sausage and beef lasagna are straightforward. Here’s an overview for you
  • Lasagna noodles: Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with no-boil noodles, which I’d use today. Our photos and video show traditional lasagna noodles, which work well, too. When using them, I boil traditional noodles before assembling this meat lasagna.
  • Cheese filling: We combine creamy ricotta cheese with parmesan cheese and an egg for this classic lasagna. Cottage cheese is an excellent substitute if you don’t have ricotta cheese. I also use mozzarella cheese when assembling.
  • Meat sauce: We make the sauce from scratch for this lasagna. It takes 1 ½ hours, which sounds like a long time, but I promise that extra time is rewarded with how flavorful this dish turns out. If you are short on time, I have included a shortcut using store-bought sauce in the recipe below.
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