Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy

Copy Me That uses cookies that save text information on your computer. These cookies save your user id as well as information that is used to display the Copy Me That webpages. We do not share the cookies with anyone. Copy Me That uses Google Analytics, which means that Google can collect information about your browsing activity on Copy Me That webpages. It also means that Google provides Copy Me That with statistical information about our visitors, such as what percentage of people who are from a certain region. (Google provides a way for you to opt out of this data collection. Check with Google.) Your IP-address is registered with every visit.

We do collect some information from you when you register, such as your email address. We do not share this information with anyone.

You retain ownership of your own recipes and images. The default is that your recipes and images are private, only viewable by you. If you choose to make your recipes publicly viewable in our Shared Recipes (Community) section then your recipes and images may appear in other location; Copy Me That cannot control who uses information that you choose to make publicly viewable. If you choose to share your recipes and images then Copy Me That may use them in our outreach campaigns, for example, we may show an image on our Facebook page that links to one of the recipes that you have chosen to share.

When you register then you will automatically receive our newsletter. You can always choose to unsubscribe, either in your profile settings or from within a newsletter.

We register the pages from which you copy recipes. All information that you enter or upload on copymethat.com (webpage or app) is saved in a database. When you copy a recipe, all information on that page is uploaded, not just the recipe. However, when you copy a recipe from Facebook, only the selected post is uploaded. Your data are not necessarily deleted from our servers when you delete them from your account. Copy Me That cannot be held liable in case your data is lost, altered, or compromised, even if it's our fault. Copy Me That also cannot be held liable for any effects caused by an incorrectly copied recipe.  

Copy Me That does not track or record what you do in the app's built-in browser, except to track what recipes/webpages you choose to copy.

We retain the right to delete your account. If we do delete your account, or if Copy Me That should cease to exist, then we will make a good effort to ensure that you either receive copies of your recipes and images, or that you have continued online access to your recipes for at least one year. (If your account is closed due to misuse then we make no such promises.) It is already possible for you to download text copies of all your recipes.