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What information does Copy Me That collect and use?
Member information
If you sign up using email then we save the email address that you provide us. If you sign up using Facebook then we save your Facebook name, profile image, and (optionally) email address. If you provide us with a profile name, profile description, or profile image (displayed on your shared recipes) then we also save these. You can always update your email address and profile information. Your account password is stored safely (encrypted, hashed) in our database.
Log information
We log information about what pages you visit on Copy Me That and what actions you perform there. We do this to understand how you and others use our service. If you click a link to Copy Me That that is on another website then we may log the URL of the referring website. This helps us determine how people find us. Copy Me That uses cookies that save text information on your computer. These cookies remember who you are (your Copy Me That account user ID). They are used to properly display Copy Me That webpages and to ensure that copied recipes are saved to the correct accounts. We log whom we send newsletters to and whether the newsletters are opened. If you click a link in one of our newsletters then we may log that action. This helps us determine the effectiveness of our emails. We also log if an email that we sent was marked as spam or bounced (if your email provider forwards us this information).
Location and device information
When you visit a page or perform an action in Copy Me That then we log what device, browser, and operating system you are using. We also log your IP address, which can be used to determine your general physical location. We also collect this information when you copy a recipe using the Copy Me That button. This information helps us understand how you and others are using Copy Me That, which helps us improve our service. We also collect this information to help ensure the security of our systems.
Calendar information
If you choose to subscribe to your Copy Me That meal plan from your regular calendar, then we might know what type of calendar you use, for example, whether you use Apple or Google calendar. We cannot read any information in your calendar.
App browser information
The Copy Me That app contains an in-app browser that can be used for general browsing. We do not collect any information about your browsing activity in this browser. The app saves your browser search terms, but these are only saved on your own device for your convenience.
Copy Me That button (extension)
This is the button that is used when copying recipes. (Technically, the button refers to the Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge extensions, the iPad/iPhone Safari share extension, the app browser's built-in Copy Me That button, and the bookmarklet that is used for other browsers, including Android/iOS Firefox and Android/iOS Chrome). The Copy Me That button does not collect any information until you choose to use it on a webpage. We register the web pages from which you copy recipes. When you copy a recipe, all information on that web page may be uploaded and saved, not just the recipe. When you copy a recipe from Facebook, only the selected post is uploaded.
Your entered information
We save any information that you enter into your account. This may, for example, include your shopping list items, meal plans, and recipe edits. If you purchase a cookbook then we save your shipping information.
Payment information
Payments that you make to Copy Me That are handled by either Stripe (credit cards) or Paypal. These services collect information necessary for you to make your purchase. They also provide some information back to Copy Me That, a subset of which we save in our own database. For credit card purchases, the information that Copy Me That saves is the last four digits of your credit card number. For Paypal purchases, the information that we save is your name and email address as provided to us by Paypal. We save this information in case there is ever any issue or question regarding your purchase.
Where is my information stored? Who can access it?
Copy Me That stores your information on servers located in the United States. This includes the "live" information, as well as back-ups. We create and store back-ups to keep your information safe. Images may also be cached (stored) on servers in other countries for faster viewing.
We use Amazon SES for sending mass emails (such as newsletters). We use Google Gmail for sending other emails. This means that your email address may be stored by these services. If you send us an email then your email address, as well as the contents of the email, will be stored by Google Gmail.
We use Google Analytics, which means that Google can collect information about your browsing activity on Copy Me That. We use New Relic APM and Fabric Crashalytics to help us analyze and improve system performance. We use Cloudflare to help keep our site secure.
If you make a payment then your information will be collected by either Apple, Stripe (credit cards) or Paypal.
If you purchase a cookbook then we provide your shipping address to the printer who, in turn, provides it to the shipping agent (such as UPS).
If you submit a DMCA takedown request then we store the information that you provide us, including your name and email address. We may share some of this information with others as part of the DMCA process.
If you submit a DMCA notice then we store the information that you provide us, including your name and email address. We may share some of this information with others as part of the DMCA process, but will not share your submitted name and email address unless required by law.
You retain ownership of your content as described in our Terms of Use. Your entered information is private unless you choose to share it (make it visible to others).
Once you have shared a part of your content, some of it may still be visible to others even if you unshare or delete the content. For example, depending on your privacy settings, anyone who obtained a link to your recipe while it was shared (including search engines) may still be able to view the unshared recipe using the link. Any user who copied your recipe while it was shared, may continue to use and share the copied content even if you have deleted or unshared your recipe.
If you choose to share a part of your content then Copy Me That may use it in our promotions. Copy Me That may continue using that content, even if you later make it private again or delete it. (For example, if you share a recipe, then we may show its image on our social media pages and link it to your recipe. We may also keep the image on our social media page even if you later delete or unshare the recipe.)
Copy Me That analyzes and uses data that we collect from our visitors and registered users. Such information can include, but is not limited to: What recipes, recipe sites, and items are the most popular (when copying, sharing, meal planning, and shopping); How do patterns compare across regions; What recipes do people use together. Copy Me That may share this information, for example, in a blog article (What are the British eating this holiday vs. the Americans, Ten ways to use bananas, Popular ways to organize recipes). Copy Me That may use your information to show you recommendations or to send personalized newsletters. (Terms regarding newsletters are described elsewhere in this policy.) Copy Me That may also share such anonymized usage data with third parties. Copy Me That only allows third parties to have access to identifying (personal) data where required by law, or when used to provide a specific service on our behalf. For example, Copy Me That uses an email service to send emails and need to supply them with your email address when we send out a newsletter.
Newsletter subscription
If you are located in a non-EU country (as determined by your IP address), then we'll (most likely) subscribe you to our newsletter when you create your Copy Me That account. If you are not auto-subscribed then you will need to actively subscribe if you wish to receive our newsletter. Copy Me That may unsubscribe you from our newsletter at any time.
You can always unsubscribe (or subscribe) in your Settings. Every newsletter contains an unsubscribe link.
Deleting your account and data
You can delete your account at any time. You can use the deletion form or delete your account from your Profile and Settings. You will then lose access to your account and we will delete your personal data, such as name and email address.
Changes to this policy
We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. If we make material changes to the policy, then we will notify you by email and/or by means of a notice on our home page.

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