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What's going on with the Copy Me That app?
The Copy Me That app has, for now, been removed from Apple's App Store. Android users can still get the app from the Play Store.
The Android app is fine! The website is fine!
This is all about the iOS app for iPhones and iPads.
You can still use Copy Me That, even without the app
You don't need the app to use Copy Me That. You can always use it from our website at www.copymethat.com on computers, tablets, and phones. If you already have an account, just be sure to log in with the same account as the one you use in the app. If not, go ahead and create a new account.
You can also copy recipes into your recipe box by adding the Copy Me That button to your browser. The button can be added to most browsers on computers, and to the Chrome app browser on phones and tablets. (The mobile Safari button requires the app.) You'll find directions specific for your browser at www.copymethat.com/info/button/browser/.
To save the website icon to your device Home Screen, log into your Copy Me That account in Safari and go to My Recipes. Then tap Safari's share icon (box with arrow) and choose "Add to Home Screen."
Upgrading your iPhone or iPad? First save the app!
For people who already have the app, note that iTunes will not install Copy Me That on any new devices. Instead, use the free iMazing program to copy the app from one device to another. Here is a set of directions. You'll need to use the same Apple ID as when you originally installed the app.
Planning on upgrading your phone? On resetting? Worried you might lose your phone (and app)? Use iMazing to back the app up now in case you need to reinstall it later.
(Your recipes are always safe. This backup is for the app itself.)
Why did this happen?
The app removal was instigated by a handful of website owners who filed complaints with Apple. They say it infringes on their copyrights when you save their recipes into your own private recipe box. Their recipes have already been removed from the public Community, and cannot be shared, an option available to all websites. Apple has not said that they agree with this, or that Copy Me That needs to make any changes, but has said that all complaints must be resolved.
Of course, bloggers, photographers, and recipe creators deserve to make money from their hard work. This is why the Community recipes encourage people to visit the original websites, why even private recipes have a link back, and why you have to visit the original website in order to create your own copy of a recipe.
It's just a few!
Most bloggers have been wonderful! They care about their fans and are happy knowing that people can easily click to visit a recipe's original webpage, something that isn't possible from a screenshot or a printed recipe. Truth be told, the vast majority of bloggers have completely ignored Copy Me That, having, I'm sure, better things to do with their time.
What's happening now
We're working on getting the app back into the App Store. This is a legal process through the federal court system, and takes time. For now, you can use our website and add the Copy Me That button to your browser.