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FAQs for Bloggers
What’s Copy Me That?
Copy Me That is a recipe manager, shopping list, and meal planner. Each user has a private recipe box. Here they can add their own recipes or they can save recipes that they find around the web. When a user saves a recipe from a website, then a copy of the recipe is added to their recipe box. They can now refer back to the recipe and edit it with their own tweaks. The recipe box helps users organize and find their recipes with tags, filters, and text search. Recipes can be added to the meal planner, and ingredients can be added directly into the shopping list. Copy Me That also has a public Community where users can opt to share their recipes.
Copy Me That is free. A Premium membership adds extra features such as the ability to scale recipes, create meal plan sets, and make multiple shopping lists.
What are the benefits to me as a blogger?
We fully understand that the recipes you develop are a professional labor of love that require expertise and time.
Every saved recipe retains the link back to the original recipe webpage. That means that, unlike when one of your readers prints your recipe, screenshots it, or copy-pastes it into a file, the reader can easily return to your website again and again to find new recipes.
Users can choose to share their recipes in the public Copy Me That Community. Visitors and members alike love to use the Community to find new recipes. Our users also share their Community recipe boxes with their family and friends. Shared recipes do not show the directions. Instead, the viewer is directed back to the original site in order to read the directions. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site while introducing your blog to a new audience.
What about cookbook printing?
At Copy Me That, we offer our users the ability to create a personal printed cookbook that includes their favorite recipes. Users can only include recipes that they have added from scratch, and images that they have uploaded themselves. Previously, it was also possible to include recipes (text only) that had been saved from websites, so long as the recipe had been altered.
I’d rather not have my recipes shared on Copy Me That. What can I do?
No worries at all! Just reach out to us at hello@copymethat.com and we will remove from the Community any recipes that originally came from your website. We will also make sure that recipes from your website cannot be shared, in the Community and elsewhere, going forward.
You can also submit a DMCA notice for an individual recipe that you want to have removed. View our DMCA policy here.