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FAQs for Bloggers
What’s Copy Me That?
Copy Me That is a recipe manager, shopping list, and meal planner. Each user gets their own private recipe box. Here they can add their own recipes, as well as recipes that they save from around the web. Copy Me That provides a one-click tool to help save recipes. There is also a Community forum for sharing recipes.
Can people view or save my full recipe without visiting my website?
No. People can only view and save your recipes by going to your website. Of course, once someone has saved a recipe, then that person can continue to view it, the same as if they had printed it or taken a screenshot. If someone shares a saved recipe, then others cannot see the steps. Instead, they'll have to click to your website to see the full recipe. You can always choose that your recipes shouldn't be shareable.
But I once saw a website's full recipe shared in the Community. How was that?
People do occasionally thwart the restrictions that we put on recipe sharing. For example, someone might type in a website recipe as if it's their own or say that they've altered a recipe to make it their own, even if they haven't. Luckily, both of these scenarios are uncommon. We have a DMCA takedown policy to handle content that infringes on your copyrights.
Do you strip recipes of personal descriptions when people save them?
Yes, just the recipe itself is saved. This means that people have to click back to your website in order to see the extra info on your page — any extra photos, personal story, fuller explanations, reviews, and comments. The website and link back is always included on any saved recipe.
What's Copy Me That good for?
Why, we're so glad you asked! The recipe box makes it easy for people to organize and find their recipes using collections, filters, and text searches. The ability to edit recipes is great for keeping track of recipe tweaks!
Having all your recipes in a single place also makes it possible to create a full meal plan and then, in one fell swoop, add all the ingredients to your shopping list. A Premium membership adds extra features such as the ability to scale recipes, create meal plan sets, and make multiple shopping lists.
The Community is great for sharing recipes and finding inspiration for your next meal.
I don't want people sharing my recipes. What do I do?
Just send an email to hello@copymethat.com and let us know that you'd like your recipes to be unshared. It will no longer be possible for people to share them in the Copy Me That Community or elsewhere. We understand that websites have different marketing strategies for how they like their recipes and links to be shared.
I don't want people saving my recipes, at all! What do I do?
We don't restrict what recipes people can save to their private recipe boxes. People are allowed to decide for themselves what information to save, just so long as they don't share it illegally. (This right was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1984 when they ruled that it's OK to copy movies and TV shows to video tapes.)
You may be worried about losing traffic when someone saves a recipe, but we don't think you need to be. Copy Me That essentially creates an electronic print. However, unlike paper printing, taking a screenshot, or copy-pasting to a file, our "print" makes it easy to click back to the original webpage — and we see people doing just that! The recipe (and link back) also won't get lost in a long list of unsearchable bookmarked pages. (Not being able to find a favorite lava cake recipe was what originally inspired the creation of Copy Me That.) You probably have your own method of saving recipes that inspire you.
Can people use my saved photos and recipes in printed cookbooks?
No. We offer the ability to create personal printed cookbooks, but people can only include recipes that they themselves created in Copy Me That, not recipes that they saved using our tool. Images must be uploaded from a person's own computer.
What our users are saying
We are proud of Copy Me That and the benefits it provides! People tell us that the shopping list and meal planner help them save money and eat healthier. That the ability to edit their saved recipes makes it easier to comply with dietary restrictions. That they're saving tons of paper by not printing so many recipes. That they appreciate how easily they can click back to their favorite websites to look for more recipes. That they feel reassured knowing they won't lose a favorite recipe, even if its website goes away. That they love actually being able to find their recipes. This inspires us every day.
What are your copyright and DMCA takedown policies?
You can check them out here.
I still have questions! I have suggestions!
Great! Reach out to us at hello@copymethat.com.

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