Your recipes, together forever
Easily add any recipe to your recipe box.
You'll never lose a recipe again, not even if the original website disappears.
Your recipes belong to you. Download them anytime.
Copy Me That is free.

The recipe clipper that works

Copy any recipe from any website with a single click.
You'll have your own complete copy of the recipe, ready to edit with your tweaks and notes.
Copy Me That uses a clever bit of technology to read and parse the text on a webpage. It can extract and format recipes from virtually any (English) webpage, even from websites that it has never seen before.

Get organized with tags

Or not. You can always just use search!

Add your own recipes

Add your own recipes from scratch.
There's no limit to the number of recipes you can save.
(Well, maybe not a hundred thousand.)

Shopping list

Easily add recipes, and even complete meal plans, to your shopping list.
Need something not on a recipe? Just add it as an extra item.
Sort by recipe or by category (aisle) to easily find everything in the store.
Share an account with your family and anyone can add or check off items.

Meal Planner

Plan whole weeks at a time, or maybe just use the meal planner for those special feasts.
Sharing is easy
Share as much (or as little) as you like.
Check out our Community for inspiration for your next meal!
You can share with anyone, even with non-members.

Works on all devices

Copy Me That has an Android app and an iOS app.
The apps have a built-in browser with the Copy Me That button.
You can also add the Copy Me That button to your regular mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). We're mobile friendly :)